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Your goal in the academic world of research is to find a problem and make an original contribution to its solution. To accomplish this, you must review virtually all technical literature in a narrow niche and summarized your findings to show the solution does not exist and your new published work is making an original contribution.

Your goal in the practical world of power supply or power electronics circuit design is to get your product out on schedule meeting all requirements. You don't want the information overload of every paper on the subject, you just want the one best paper, application note, or text that has the solution to the design problem you're working.

In the tradition of the SMPS Technology website, this website's goal is to provide the one best paper, application note, or book, that helps you, the circuit design engineer, solve your snubber design problem.

Virtually every power electronics circuit requires a snubber. Although thousands of papers and hundreds of patents have been publish in their 160 years history, there has never been a book published on the subject until Rudy Severns new ebook.

If you can afford the cost of the book (US$69.97), Snubber Circuits for Power Electronics by Rudy Severns is probably your one best source for practical snubber information.

What if you can't afford the cost of the book? Some engineers in developing countries can not afford engineering books because the cost of an engineering text is prohibitive. Others are students or just can't afford the book at this time -- maybe later. The Internet has been an effective antidote for this, allowing both students and engineers access to free papers, application notes, etc. It is the goal of this website to point out some of the best of this free engineering literature for the various snubber problems you face.

Snubber Videos

You may find you learn better through videos than reading. If so, videos on various engineering topics are becoming available at no cost for viewing on YouTube and other places. Snubber design is no exception. Here are seven snubber videos by Rudy Severns.

Snubber Book Mini-Reviews

You probably have at least one book on power supply or power electronics design. How does your book stack up against other books on snubber design. The snubber-book mini-reviews compare snubber coverage in several popular power electronics texts.

Snubber Design Questions and Answers

What questions do you have about snubber design? Maybe your fellow circuit designers have asked the question and gotten an answer. Find out in the snubber question and answer section.

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